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AUGUST 1 - 4, 2016

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Cutting Edge Practical Teacher Training and Certification

Faculty from the University of Nevada Las Vegas and Dance Teacher Web have partnered to create the best and most comprehensive teacher training program for dance teachers, K-12 teachers and dance studios with multiple disciplines. This program presents a syllabus that is safe, effective and fun! The curriculum provides a challenging yet easy to grasp dance training for beginner through intermediate levels. Level two certification is for those looking for intermediate and advanced curriculum. Give your Studio a competitive edge by certifying your faculty!


An exceptional program (Level I and Level II) including the basics of ballet, modern, tap and jazz, as well as classes in anatomy, prevention of injury, pre-school movement, and much more developed, by teachers with experience in both the professional and the academic areas is the key to a well rounded and competitive studio. A teacher training program that will give you a foundation is very valuable but, when this education comes from people that have years of professional experience in their fields and are backed by a major University it gives the training program more credibility.

When information is put together in a sequential manner it is easier to retain the information. This is one of the important reasons to participate in a teacher-training program. You should receive manuals and video information for your library. This assists you with studying and provides a resource to revisit the information that you have learned. What you gain by attending a quality workshop is greatly enhanced, if you have a foundational education that you can always compare to the new information you are receiving in a workshop. Making the workshop much more valuable to you. 

Dance Teacher University runs concurrent to the Dance Teacher Web LIVE Conference & Expo. DTU participants have full access to all afternoon Conference classes, special events and hospitality.

Do You Teach Dance In The K-12 Setting?

Our teacher certification program is for you! You know how important it is to have a safe syllabus or program to follow that will also help build strength, coordination and flexibility. Plus you will learn hundreds of hours of class content that will keep your classes fresh and fun for years to come! All attendees will receive a certificate of completion that is suitable for framing!

For complete Dance Teacher University Certification information including course content, faculty and schedule, please visit the Dance Teacher University website. CLICK HERE or the DTU logo above
"I have been so inspired, encouraged & enlightened to continue & strengthen my dance career.."

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